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Building a solid SEO ranking means having high-quality, keyword-dense, rich content on your website. The simplest way to do this is with our business blog editorial solutions.

How are you going to find time to create research-backed blog articles and quality link-building content? You have a business to run and customers to keep happy!

Let the creative team at ContentCollective Marketing create and manage your business blog strategy. We can either assist your team or do it for you. The choice is yours.

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It’s not enough to simply have a clever blog these days. According to Google Adwords best practices guide, since 2015 most searches were performed on a mobile device. This means that your business blog has to turn heads on any device.

What’s more? Search engines absolutely love responsive websites because they’re optimized for any screen size and user-friendly. Any chance to gain some extra SEO points with the search engines is an absolute must-do for your website & business blog pages.

As Wi-Fi availability continues to grow, people are connecting more often by mobile devices when they’re on the go. So, it most certainly pays to make it easier on them to find and enjoy the content you worked so hard to create.

Business blog editorial services-editorial calendarHaving a great blog also means having content with a purpose. In order to gain maximum “SEO juice” from your blog articles and the keywords within, it pays to have a strategy.

The best way to keep order to your SEO & Link-building efforts is a content or blog editorial calendar. This valuable tool helps to keep track of who’s creating what content for which campaign keywords and the best CTA’s to link them to.

We create a tactical roadmap with your business blog editorial calendar. Keeping track of your SEO strategy was never easier!

Business Blog editorial solutions-Expert content


To complement a great design a business blog needs expertly crafted content. It takes deep research into the lives &  behaviors of your customer’s to know how to best solve their problem.

More than that, it takes a keen sense to intuit what they don’t know but should know to help them on their buyer’s journey. We use buyer personas to determine the best audience for your product, then we create highly targeted content to attract them to your solutions.

The goal of inbound marketing is to attract highly qualified candidates in need of your product, build credibility & trust by helping them along their path to a decision. This converts them into qualified opportunities. Next, we create the pieces they need to decide you are the best solution. After they’ve become your customer we keep them coming back delighted with new information to make their lives even easier earning you lifelong happy customers.

business blog editorial solutions-graphic design

 Creating visually enticing blog title graphics takes skill & time. Knowing the brand   guidelines & how to best portray the blog article contents is important to an aesthetically   pleasing blog.

 Our creative team doesn’t just create detailed articles for your blog visitors to read, we   keep them reading with stunning graphics through the article to keep them entertained   while learning what you have to teach them.

 According to an article on, your readers’ attention is a precious resource. The   finding, based on a 2015 Microsoft report that our attention spans are at an all-time low,   (a mere 8 seconds) with the average adult switching screens about 21 times per hour.

 Eye-catching graphics help to keep your readers on your page longer. But these graphics   take time to create.

 You can pay a graphic designer to do it, or we can do it for you and ensure that the graphic   speaks to the nature of the article. Your call, but we include custom graphics with our business blog editorial solutions*.

*(One (1) Blog title design, & Two (2) curated photos/graphics in article)

business blog editorial solutions- SEO link-building

 SEO Link-building is a complex process of knowing where to link keywords and what to link them to. It is vital to have a proportionate number of inbound and outbound links on your website and business blog.

Just as important as acquiring inbound links from other websites and sources is the quality of those sources that are linking to your blog. Having a few high-quality links from trust-worthy & credible sites is far more valuable than 100 spammy low-grade inbound links.

But where do those links come from? The science behind building high-quality links with plenty of “SEO juice” or ranking power is one that changes constantly. On top of that, knowing how to match the right links to the proper content & anchor keywords is key to good SEO.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


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